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Why do the great Albatross, Sea Birds fly up in the Blue sky so Mighty and HIGH

Its because they know and understand,that with The Heavenly HIGH, Winds they can SAIL, and PREVAIL, around the World, with GLIDE, soaring with the HEAVENLY, winds--with-little--effort--and--with--GREAT--FAITH--in--the--HEAVENLY--almighty--HIGH--wonderous--Beautiful--SKY

The centurions old and wise slow movin grovin,easy a goin not  stress a showin----SEA-TURTLE

Just how do  they last live, laugh and  LOVE, so long, and  slowly, centuryish long, so happy complete elite and FULL

Just how can the slow movin, Turtles travel, fast around this entire ---OCEANS--WORLD-----in a flash dash  and--SWIM

Its because of their FAITH, song great that, they  slowly search and paddle inch by inch hardly movin a single cinch--until--with----FAITH-- they --PRAY---and--find---the--GREAT--UNDER--TOW-----the-----GREAT----UNDER---- T-O-W-----then in the almighty and Great --currants-- of the--- HEAVENLY-- OCEANS ---away away,--UP-UP-UP---and --away, --around the World-- in an exciting lightening fast -swirl-rush-and--blitzing--whirl ---They--a--GO-- GO---and ---GO--GO---and--at, the speed of sound. They slow and easy effortessly,,---FAITHFULLY--easily --happily ever after year after year without stress worry or fear.---- Their life living and Love-----all,--- inch by inch, with ---simple--sea--turtle--centurious--enduring--time--tested----FAITH-LOVE-and-HOPE------every-sea-turtle--race--victory--they--prevail,----------around-the--HEAVENLY--OCEANS--World----and--- greatly --effortlessly--calmly--FAITHFULLY--HOPEFULLY--PRAYFULLY------SWIM-SWIM-SWIM---and---sail----prevail---in,their life living, and--sea-Turtle---LOVELOVELOVELOVELOVELOVELOVELOVE,--------and--------WIN-WIN-WIN--

13th of FEBRUARY 2018

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Why do the great Albatross sea birds fly up so High