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It's very Difficult to be Revealing

Any and every a hurtful, sorrowful, and very-- sad--bad-mad-- Feelings

Its very, very, Difficult, for any person, to --be--revealing--with--their deep inner feelings --and--to be --very--truthfully--openly--, raw-fully, --and--completely --defeatingly Revealing

For anybody, would much rather sweep, their hurts disappointments, and sadnesses --------all--of--it-----------, under the rug, and keep things away, and remain in Concealing

But the truth of the matter we all learn, through time and realize so well

Is that when our deep truths hurts and deepest secrets we openly tell,it's a --healing- ness --and--freeness--beyond any  in compare when we share our deepest hurts , and openly honestly.--another--Trust--and-- Tell

The deep kept secrets that we forever hold onto , protect with regrets and keep

Will poison us and prolong and hurt us more ---breath by breath --step, by step--hour-by-hour--day-by-day--and-for-sone-----Decades--by--decades-----and ----a lot more hurtfully devastatingly ---Deep

Through Prayer, a Faithful, --LOVING-- Heart --KNOW's-- that they can SHARE

Through Faithful, ---LOVING---, Surrender, and PRAYER, ---our---everloving GOD, for he hears our every heartful, Prayer of our every worry care and joy and fear,with happiness, or --sad-hurtful-sorrowful--despair-- and for he, the almighty all knowing all --LOVING--- all understanding and --compassionately--Courageously Forgiving--his--Unconditional--forever--everlasting---LOVELOVELOVELOVELOVELOVELOVELOVE,--for-us-all--each--and--everyone--is--always-ALWAYS-always---Heavenly--THERE

13th of FEBRUARY 2018

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It`s Difficult to be Revealing