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A big balloon fell from the sky!
No, it wasn't "Toto and Dorthy!"
It was the one that got away!
There was a balloon Fair that day!

The streets were crowded roads blocked
People on feet. Any kind of foods and,
Drinks. Cotton candy was my pick,
I got two big orders on a stick!

Now the day was sizzling hot!  Felt 
Like a dinner cooking in a pot! 
Even the breeze carried the heat, 
My legs were aching I needed a

I felt brave that day in spirit and heart
I felt the urge to board the balloon, 
So There I was. My Hubby said,
"Fly me to the moon!"
The pilot was ready to go, twenty 
Feet off the ground, off we go! 

Higher and higher my head started 
To spin! Poor Hubby was pail, he
Wasn't ready to sail!  
It's not too bad, OOOOOOH MAYBE SO!
Don't look down, but suddenly I became
Calm. I was above it all! It was the first time
that felt I would not fall!

Guiding above the city below, my courage would
Come and go. The treetops waves as we go.
I began to cool almost a chill, but all was
Good. Returning to the field we come closer
the closer the louder the Fair's sounds.
Finally, with the people who caught our ropes,
a safe touchdown!
So nice to plant both feet on the ground.
Let's do it again!

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Balloon Fair, first Flight!