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People they are Different
with just how, with all things  that  they  themselves--Present

People they have different levels of character, characteristics and personality--Bars
just as the many different makes and gears of a slow to racing--car

Some people, with their honesty truthfulness and integrity, and sincerity
their --------BAR--------it's very very,wishy washy lower than low, as they are mistrustfully, selfish and greedy, and will take and rake everything for themselves with no integrity and are all about themselves --me ---me ----and -----ME

Some folks hold their --------BAR
very honest sincere--and to the Highest standard ---HIGH ---and ---FAR

Some cars of many gears with supersonic ---SPEEDS
relate to speed and fast , materialstic wealth as happiness and selfish----fast-and-furious---accomplishment---and----GREED

Some cars simple slow and ---SURE
sound sturdy and strong--simple truth integrity and honesty --with--them--deep--rootingly--forever----with-simple-truth--and--Humbleness----ENDURE

People they have their choices which level of life, living, and --LOVE----------BAR
they choose to ,high or low, go, fast and unsteady, wishy washy,--------OR--------slow easy and sure, with honesty sincerity and integrity---That travel---safe-and-sound--and endure forever--FAR

13th of FEBRUARY 2018

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People are different