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A good day for a festival, royal ball and wedding!
Just hours away the path of the ennoble two would 
Blend, passions twin flames would be one, before
the setting sun.

Anticipation shakes the Prince in his tracks, his passion
For Elizebeth, is overwhelming. Visions of her soft skin
Her golden hair lying in ringlets resting on the small of her back,
lightly draping over the curves of her hips.
Her lips warm and moist sends shivers down his spine,
Her sweet voice rests softly on his ears.
Star kissed eyes reflecting radiant light, of moonlit skies!

In the east wing of the Castle, Elizabeth prepares for her wedding.
The chambermaid interlock the golden french braids secured with
pin pearls.
She visions Philip's wide shoulders caressing her.  Today a new day
For sure. Tantalizing thoughts allure! Her gown was of satin, silk, and lace,
with velvet train of majestic grace. Just an hour away, the bells toll
The time of day.

The good people of the kingdom raise their voices in song, a melody joyous
and long. The families gather in the street the Cathedral, not one empty seat!
The Pope would join the royal lovers in Holy Matrimony, the excitement grows
As more people show. 
( to be concluded in Kingdom Fair 3)

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Kingdom Fair 2 (Wedding Day )