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The doors of the Cathedral was left open so the people in the streets
Witness the Royal Wedding!  Cloudless skies radiate above!
Prince Philip and Princess Elizabeth unite their love!
All eyes focus on Elizabeth 's rare beauty, her velvet white train covers 
The Stairs  leading to the holy tabernacle, where the Pope himself looks
Into the eyes of the ennoble lovers. Silence filled the Cathedral that
Enchanting moment! Only the sound of the Holy Ceremony could be 
Heard!  Witnessed and blessed, with The Popes holy words!
A day this Kingdom did not miss when the Groom and Bride
Sealed their union with a loving kiss! 

Many years have passed since that enchanting day,  their love continued
To grow, the Kingdom has a new heir, within his Mother's arms, Prince Philip's 
The Third, angelic face softly glows!
Many generations of this royal line ruled with Justice, and compassion
Beyond compare, in the land of " Kingdom Fair."
( Love and fairness can go along way and bless our lives in so many ways
So ends the story, where Love vs. Glory )

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Kingdom Fair 3 ( New Life )