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In a land beyond the charted sea was a place called" Molten Fee!"
A tropical Island that reflects Volcano heat!  
This is uncivilized lands, that flows hot lava anywhere 
Life stands!

Let it be said Nature has the upper hand, no place is safe, so 
Humans flee, for their safety, they left the Island of Molten Fee.
At the horizon, those people can see the glow of red hot 
Lava flow! Not a living creature remains.
The arid and adust creatures could not adapt, or escape!
There is much damage to the Lava's drape!

All plant life or vegetation has ceased its existence there.
It was that Volcano's steady flow!  As it's former habitats
watches faraway, the dead island stands of black rock and
charcoal grey.

A monument of Nature's might, that stands no longer as land.
Most the time the skies were smoke ridden and full of ash,
Streams of crimson, amber sparks, will dash!
The cloud of darkness grew near, and evacuation at distance,
Was very clear!

So the people once more sailed away, beyond the rumbling 
Valcanos sky born ash, and safe once more, to live in blue 
skies of light,  and save their life for more than Nature's fight!

Eventually, the Island of Molten Fee was swallowed by the sea!
The Volcano's course consumed the land!
Tall cities rise, some buildings seem to reach the skies! 
What the people grew to understand that no one or anything,
owns or controls such land! 

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Volcano`s course Consumes the Land