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Marmosian Kind

Deep in the Brazilian Amazonian Rainforest,  in the most remote portion of the forest, is a city beyond imagination. 
Located high in the canopy, but low enough to be camouflaged is a city flourishing with evolutionally changed tool working, talking Brazilian Golden Pygmy Marmosets. 
They have lived there and evolved for over one hundred centuries uninfluenced by human contact.  Over the centuries tool, making and working had been passed down from   
Father and Mother to Son and Daughter with the best of the tool workers continuing to learn new ways of building, while the tool makers went on to become inventors and
scientist as well as some remaining tool makers.  The best of the woodworkers went on to perfecting city building with mahogany
being their wood of choice providing their civilization with the cities of modern conveniences.

Marmosian scientists developed ways of lighting without harming the ecosystem by the natural flow of water storing power in batteries made by the inventors using the
electric eel.  Marmosians seldom left their cities because of their stature.  Necessity was the reason for Scientific Expeditions, transportation was a problem upon
reaching the ground.  The inventors worked with the scientists collecting research and data for problem shooting and development. Natural glues, cement, and proofing
  along with sand and stone became their paths and walkways keeping the wood free from rot and deterioration, only a minute amount had to be used to obtain the desired result all from
the Rubber tree.  The list goes on and on..........developing the need for more trained and specialized Marmosians for the job demands. 
Marmosian kind had become a civilization just like that of the human kind. 
(Poetic prose to follow.)
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Marmosian Kind (Preface)