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Darkness fills the room. Night
Speaks in whispers. Do you feel
the stillness closing near?
Do you feel the doom of fear?

Unlike the silence of night the
Day brings noise and music clear!
It often brings us laughter and

If night can balance the noise of day.
Then day can find a better way.
When hope has lost, so sad to say,
Then comes the time that I must pray.

When lost because all my life I give.
So loved ones could safely live, to give
All that remains, and sadly feel the pain,
When others reap the gain, try not to go

Life is so much more, and love will unlock
That bolted door. I'm so much stronger than
Before, I see the value that is in store.

When balanced silence, with sound finally
Blend, a new beginning I will send, night
Or day will light the way, peace, and love
will have...
A place to stay...
For comfort will comes, night our day.

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Night or Day