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Marmosian Kind I (The Sci-Fi of Brazil)
Deep in the Amazon Rainforest located in Brazil,    
A story for the ages, a story that will fulfill 
 The aged and the young alike; with time
Will repeat the story of Marmosiankind;   
The Sci-Fi of Brazil.
Living in the canopies way above the ground
Living through centuries never to be found.
High atop the treetops, not high enough to be seen,  
A civilization of Marmosets really sets the scene.

Behold their size and stature it will rock you, knock you off your seat
 No bigger than a man's finger showing they are complete.
Having a warrior's bound really does astound  
Leaping sixteen feet before resting on the ground.

Brazilian Golden Pygmy Marmosets, are special at any time
Talkers, woodworkers, tool makers, inventors 
Oh so precious is their kind,
Teaching, protecting, and loving life's Marmosiankind.

{Their tail (tale) will follow (continue).}

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Marmosian Kind I (The Sci-fi of Brazil)