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Jasper, the time traveler, was helping
to prepare the Knights for a tournament.
Many Kingdoms would compete!
Victory and defeat will be faced with legendary
Competition, of noble acts complete.

Jasper had a plan to change the turmoil on rising,
He works on his time machine hidden and unseen.
Somewhere in the forest green, Jasper repairs and
Cleans his miraculous machine. 

The cheers of the tournaments rise, as it's guest grow
In size.  
Jasper decided to fire up his time machine for a test ride
But he knew if he did, there would be no other place to hide
So he maintained its cover, without caution, he'd be discovered.

All was in place, so he ventured back where the tournament
Takes place, not knowing the danger he will face!
Britannia above other Kingdoms, that day, Until Spain paved the way.
Francia was staying in third, a silence swept across the 
Crowd, an uneasiness drapes like a shroud.

Suddenly the skies became dark, arrows cut 
Through like an angry shark! The wounded 
and dead increase fast, in a sudden and distant
Attack, how long would  this slaughter last?
Jasper moves back to the forest.....
To be concluded in part 3)

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