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Just would love to seek
an answer why life is so frail.
How often my aches and pains
Make my body fail.

When I was growing up a bump or
Scratch didn't seem to last, I
Healed so very fast. Now I'm counting
Blessings for walking over humps,
and every step that lasts.

Bursitis, arthritis, and tendonitis,
Are conditions I've grown to know.
It's annoying to watch my X-rays glow.
I was told by others before me, to care
And get my rest, so I could function
At my best. Now everything is a test.

So I found a friend in Tylenol and foe
In damp and cold, and tell me, "I'm
Not all that old." Then the reality
Hits me in the face, X- gymnast, and
Track star, even then, I
never had much grace.

They say life is a "Rat Race," maybe
For the rats, I'm walking in the slow
Lane calling home my cats!
So I've taken my Doctors advice and use
My tube of Ben-gay and try to care for
My ills, and pay my Doctors bills!

Life in the slow lane for someone my age,
Still leaving new generations standing in
My dust, cause my body still moves, I'm
Just subject to aging rust. So this is the
Part where I depart and pray the prayer, "In
God we trust."
(I will adapt, to this slow lane Pain.)

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Slow Lane pain