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Why this is winter,
whistling through the wind.
Asking if it can come in.
Not today my friend
My restless soul will chill and bend.
So to my heart the warmth I send,
waiting for Winters end.
Might as well not pretend
spring has always been
My friend.

Soft fields of daffodils,
green grass rolling hills.
Cast aside my winter coat
Springtime hatchlings swim
and float, next to my old fishing

Just look to the joy of new
And greet the home of spring
Times hue.
A song softly sings of springtimes
Call, among the snow, drifts cold ice
Castles tall.

Come take my hand and let the Grand
Design stand above it all.
With soft sweet rhapsody, my heart will sing
And kiss the cheek of loving spring.

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Spring has always been a Friend