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Marmosiankind II (The Sci-Fi of Brazil)

Talking with each other making sure they're working on
The same design and Blueprints; wait, they are gone! 
The foreman grunts and hisses, screeching, "What are we to do!"
The workers are grunting, "Where are the Blues?"

The foreman kept on screeching, "What are we to do,"
"If my boss hears of this our building days are through!"
Now I know I said "talking", interrupting is so crude
If you thought I meant English, sorry for being rude.

So the foreman put his crew to work until the day was through
While he paced and scurried,
He looked down and there about his lace,
A weird look he drew on his face,
Grunting and screeching, "Hey, they are on my shoe!"

With the blueprints found, 
The workers were happy and sound.

They will be around as we continue with
Part III.
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Marmosian Kind II (The Sci-Fi of Brazil)