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So you see each obstacle, as a challenge.
Perhaps life is becoming so hard that a day
Is faced with uneasiness and dread, many
Aspects of grief left unsaid.

When the sun marks the day as dawn's new light,
yet, do we obtain dimensions in gifted sight,
Do we move forward or back, is sorrow soothed,
Or does it attack? Many questions unanswered,
But lived, in a life with the drama of strife.

Do we see the twisted path?  Have we felt unfair
Rath?  You tell me if you can, you've always been
My kind of man. 
Years set us by one another side, through the years
You've been my guide. The simple truth that brings
The sparkle to your pride.

Let's see what has tilted the scales do you know?
The loyal bond, a love that grows fond, two old hearts
That's seen the hope, sadness, and cheer, has stayed
In our life together, that seen our union in all kinds of

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