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Sun sleeps in the Lunar's wakeful stead.
Halos glow from stars afar, and peace is
Drifting in sleeping eyes of midnight's
Brilliant skies.

The air becomes thin and cold, in the hour
sleepless hold. Telling stories the
Ancient writers often told. The mystery of the
night unfolds.

When wind and rain have fed the land, the heart
of nature gently stands. Seeds that germinate
In rich dark soil, bloom with little toil, nothing
Left to fade or spoil.

When the waking sun arise, the blue velvet light
Embrace the skies. Old sorrows swiftly flies
Captured in a meek disguise. The Moment drifts
Were comfort lays in the hold of sunshine's haze.

No need to walk unseen, the rays of hope will
Reveal the land that's clean. On distant shores
and hills and dales the Poet's heart softly...
Sails. The time of night and day becomes complete
The Grand Design knows no defeat.

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No Defeat