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Marmosian Kind III (The Sci-Fi of Brazil)

Returning to work the next morning was a pleasure
The worker's work could not have measured
How happy they were to have their jobs
Working for a boss who wasn't a clod!

They pounded and squared and made everything level
Checking everything's shape, including the bevels.
"Another excellent job," their foreman squeaked, 
"A thoroughly built house there; building complete!"

Down around the corner, four blocks from here
Stands the Scientist's Hall, a building of high revere 
Many of our brethren, including my brother, 
Creates new tools alongside many another!

Standing next to it stands the Inventor's Hall
Where scientists and inventors create them all 
The tools we have used to build these walls
From the scientists and inventors who made the calls!

The buildings stand here as workshops needs
We'll end it before the expeditions speed!

(Part IV for more..........)
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Marmosian Kind III (The Sci-Fi of Brazil)