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One More Story


One more story, one more day,
another smile to soothe a weeping

Another glance across the way,
another story, a simple hello to
a stranger passing by.

A kiss for the little ones, a hug
of love before the sand man comes,
a prayer of thanks for blessings
adorn from the heart.

Another day, painted in colorful hues,
a miracle sweeping away with the breeze,
a blanket filled with sparkle in the darkness,
a night of misty bliss lingering by.

One more story, one more smile to give,
another hand shake for a day well spent,
another day of growth, another lesson learned,
a heart filled with love along the path of

One more story from the history books,
a what use to be, that is not today, a new
world approaching the landscape of tomorrow
and dreams of a promise well kept.

A new love entering a heartbroken dream,
a pressed rose of beauty in the summer
time of youth, another story of what was
and what could of been.

A special song, bringing memories floating
across thundering clouds, casting rainbows
after each refreshing rain.

Another story told about the past, today,
and maybe tomorrow the present, will
bring a glow flowing through each ray
of sunlight.

By Derena

© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)

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