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Please take me where I need to be
My homestead beckons me......
Allow my eyes this shining light
That frees me from all 

The land is reaching out, a glimpse
Of mountain chains, the ebbing tide
Of the sea, waters wash away my pain
The lush green valley is nurtured
By the warm gentle rain.

Beyond the valley lies the meadow
Rich with wildflowers and barley
Sweet, standing near the fields of 
Windblown dancing wheat.

Just beyond the field is a cobblestone road,
A half a mile lies home, the place my spirit 
Sees,  when it choose to roams.

Yes, there stands the homestead simple
In its rest, a glow that greets me with 
Memories full of zest.
Walk this land by one another's side,  unveil
The light, and let your spirit guide........

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Let Your Spirit Guide