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Weep and know that tears seldom dry!
They wash the aching heart and live
To soothe the broken lover's eyes.

The waters of the soul brings waves
Of loneliness, like the tide that crash
On the shore, tears gather in solitude
And splash the pain in magnitude.

Walk with company of grief, the visits are
Never brief. It squeezed my heart and bent
My soul, I sobbed in disbelief.

I asked grief what was in store, I never got
an answer, Grief shrugged its shoulders and
walked right through my door.

Bits of sorrow, anger, and pain, stood waiting
A part of grief still remained. My heart grew
Weak and weary, my energy was drained.
I just kept moving and tried to maintain.

Maybe grief will leave and fly to cloud cast
Skies, but it reassured me it stays and maybe
Leaves with me even when I die.

The words of wisdom flowed from Grief that day
It let me know as sure as God's Mansion is above
That it is attached to all care, and deepest love.
So when my tears flow I no longer hesitate, I'd
Rather live with grief, then live alone with "Hate"

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Grief Remains