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Do we carry the weight of humanity
Or does humanity carry the weight of
The world?
However seen, the heavy laden woes
Will face its friends and foes.

When does the endless struggle cease?
When will the turmoil subside, we may
Not ever know, time travels in a relentless
Spin. Yet, we move forward to bring light
To change a future dim?

If what is seen is meticulously washed clean?
Or what is heard is captured in an unspoken word?
Will the lost be found, or will they fade into
The ground? Will they stand in triumph and defeat?
Often answered as history repeats.

So unity and quality appeal, to a path that Mends
and heals.
It is a future we seek to seal, with an effort that
Is true and real!
Petty difference must be cast aside, compassion must
Replace foolish pride, then goodwill will no longer
Hide....When God and man are side by side...

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