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When we hunt for the sake of
Search what is already there
Can be left unseen, or overlooked
a second glance is taken, a circle
Is left unbroken, the simple
Truth is softly spoken.

If within lies the desire  to heal, then
We can touch a warmth so real.
Wounded hearts and broken years
Can flood life with countless tears.
The wounds close and scars reveal
History's sullen acts of greed, develope
Sorrows for forgotten needs.

Is it a hunger that remains, that devours
Certain gains?  Does it strike and leaves
a stain? Each act intrigues another, did it 
Start when the first brother slew brother?
Search and you might find, an answer that
May not be kind. Be who you are and life
Will let you travel far, and only then you can 
Reach that distant Star.....

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