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Outgrows  the fear of the Dark

Little Billy was off to see
the baseball field.
With his left-handed baseball
He was thrilled with his birthday
Gift it was an awesome needed lift.

On the field with his team, he hoped
Today for that victory scream!
Chance had another course and rolling
Clouds came in with force!

First roared the thunder then lightning
Hit the backfield post.
The team was flabbergasted as the team
Watched that old fence roast.

Billy and his team ran to the schoolyard
Entrance to the gym, Billy's face was looking
Rather grim!

There was no time to pout when the school's
Electricity suddenly
went out! The gym was pitch
black, Billy reached for his flashlight
Stuffed in his backpack!

The teammates gathered around he told a scary story
To the Erie sounds, of wrestling feet that
Slid all around! Thirty minutes of stories of fright
Billy's flashlight begins to dim, but a doors opens
From outside and light filled the gym, he saw his
Teammates sound asleep, was a sigh of relief,
That his Heebie-jeebies were unseen and brief.

No baseball game that day, or courage to say,
just an old ghost story, as his friends snored away!

It wasn't the scary story that shook his bark, it was years of fear
Of the dark!
After all, he was the only one with a flashlight!
Billy eventually outgrew that fright!

Many years comes to pass successfully his life was
He was fulfilled, an confident scientist, loving husband,
Father and friend, he likes the dark now, cause that's
where the fun never ends!

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Outgrows the fear of the Dark