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Marmosian Kind IV (The Sci-Fi of Brazil)

The buildings stand here as workshops needs, I have some introductions, before the expedition speeds!
Meet Clarence, Terance, and Ference the brothers three.

Clarence is the foreman of city builds. 
Terance is a scientist of The Science Guild,
Ference protects them and the city,
Captain of the Guard, he shows no pity! 

Ference provides protection in an unsafe world
 Leading the expedition as the plan unfurls  
Terance is meeting the scientist's needs
Assuring their demands keeping societies creeds

Load up the carriers for the order's been struck
We are going for the eels...the Eels Muck!
Ference shrieks, "Get your crew moving,"
"We have to get there before the snakes start agrooving."

Terance pulls his brother aside whispering, "Keep your snakes on the down-low,
My Peeps aren't moving they're so slow, so please keep them on the lo-lo." 
"No, I won't," said Ference.  "Your Peeps need to be afraid...
They need to turn and run the other way when the snakes come to play."

As the episode continues...ln part V

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Marmosian Kind IV (The Sci-Fi of Brazil)