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Looking into the heavens he feels his pain cease!
No longer broken, his reborn spirit and piety release.
Soft sorrows wash away when the gates of God's Kingdom
Opened that day. His heart still guides with love, as he
Watches from above.

Earth has revealed his worth, a Preacher of God's good
Word, long hours He read, his time was shared with poor
and hungry he fed. That was my younger brother who cared
For his sisters and brothers, a man who loved and served
With compassion he shared.

I miss the smile he glowed from that inner light, his faith
Was a testimony to his service to God and Mankind, a humble
Preacher and friend, my love and respect will never end.
He died on a field of battle no weapon in his hand, he read
Gods message to injured and fallen in their final stand.
After all these years I still see the light in his eyes,
I believe he walks with sweet Jesus in his home in Paradise!
( God Bless you, my brother, my friend)

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My Brother my Friend