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Old Winter Greets The Spring

The sunbeams of warmth and light peaks
through my window, with her rays so bright!
Her face bids farewell to darkest night.
She gifts us with life, with her radiant

A preview of approaching spring has given
My heart a soft song to sing. Ageing winter
Grows weary now, and he caresses her with sweet
"Know how!"

I hope old winter finds rest soon, his howling
Will sleep in his darkened room. His icy touch
Will thaw away, and spring will lengthen the light of

With hope of Earths newly touch, winter slowly limps
Away and greets the youth and the birth:
Of Springtime's stay.
We watch the change with anticipation, and I thank our
Lord for his creation!
Old Winter greats the spring,
in the song that hatchlings sings!

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Old Winter Greets The Spring