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Marmosian Kind V (The Scl-Fi of Brazil)

The expedition was all disarrayed Marmosians grunting and screaming, please not this way!
Running here, there, all over, and around; Ference and Terance finally calmed them all down.
See brother I asked to keep it on the lo-lo, cause between you and me the dangers that abound,
Are not really too dangerous until we hit the ground!

Making it through the canopies with no problems, no more
A few leaps and bounds we'll be where the eels are stored
Ference and his eel mucks were there a few hours before, 
There they trapped the eels and placed them on the stream's shore.

"Catching beasts are a tricky challenge as long as you no the score
Getting what you need from them can surely make you soar 
Flying through the air was I, straight into the sky
The electricity the eel carried took me by surprise!"
Terance got what he needed returning the eels safe and sound
Turning to the expedition saying, "Let's get off this ground!"
Returning the way they came was no more  of a problem
Then talking about the snakes and stuff that set the expedition toppling!  

(The conclusion in VI)

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Marmosian Kind V (The Sci-Fi of Brazil)