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Today I sit all curled up in my bed
Pillows prop up my head doing what
The Doctor said, relaxing and.....
Casting out my looming dread.

I want to be some other place, and pick
up this humdrum pace. So I gently close
My eyes and pray to our Creator wise.
I ask for strength and understanding
In a world that is so demanding.

He answers in soft whispers of care, and
Tells me my strength is still there.
Yet, my bumps and broken bones must repair,
It is the one solution that is sound and fair.
He brings the light and quality sight.
His answers are clear and warm. Helping
Me weather this troublesome storm!

So my energy is on reserve, it is a time
I must conserve. A needed rest Is long
Deserved. I open my eyes to see blue
Marshmallow skies, back to the place I
long to be, sitting under an old Oak tree.
Just a fleeting thought, coming right back to

If this is what keeps me going, I have no
Objections or protest, I will gladly take a rest.
Eventually, I will stand for each test.
So I renew and heal, and recovery becomes
a part of the deal!

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