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Burning Bright

Lost in time a searching soul cries out
Echoes seal in the motion, of startling

Lost then found, set free on the frozen ground
Efforts to entice showing extremes of fire and ice
No flame will burn without fuel, the loss is marked
so cold and cruel

Drifting in a space secluded, splinters of broken hearts
Are protruding, but day sets the mark of pain when the loss
Becomes greater than gain.
So do I move on to a silent venture, or close the gate
and seal my fate?

So many questions that only time can or can not have an answer
I can only do my best, and free my toil, and find my rest
My redemption has risen from the test 
A gentle light cast its glow when the soul begins to show.
His Kingdom is clear to sight,  the light of infinity is burning 

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Burning Bright