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Dog Lives Are Shorter

middle aged man
twenty-six inch green bike
black dog trotting behind
valiantly trying not to stumble through the hike
black dog tied to the seat
un-slackened rope tugging side to side
I'm worried
black dog will fall into a heap

man is so unaware
seems man doesn't care
black dog is lagging
dragging both lame feet behind
its too unkind
how he's hurrying as fast as he can
pink tongue lolling out
both back paws limping and sore
hot footing gingerly from one to the other
back and forth
but a dog is not a street sweeper
it makes me wonder if middle aged man
knows what a real dog is for?

I try to catch up
to give the man a piece of my mind
middle aged man can't hear me shouting
due to Broadway's traffic horns honking
I can't catch up to him
I'm lagging further behind
his music's a-blasting
he is in his own world
ignorant or blind to the cruelty
he's tasking

I'm thinking of the dog
gritting and grinding my teeth
willing this rider to stop
pull on this man
like I had his leash
but, oh no...
now he's darting through traffic
the dog dodges a near miss
ignorant man is now an idiot
only in tune to his own musical bliss

I'm angry
I'm sad
this looks pretty bad
if only in this dog were mine
he'd have only the best
I wouldn't make him pass
any compliance tests
nor be distracted by a phone
this dog might be better off on his own
someone who found him might prove to be
the better bet

black dog is a dot now
the man on green bike barely seen
still dragging his best friend
not caring about his discomfort or pain

I'd take the dog for a hamburger
I'd take him to the park
I'd take him wherever he wanted to go
I'd brag about his intelligence and how he was smarter than smart
I'd love him when he had an accident
I'd love him if he ate a delivered pizza or two
dog lives are shorter
I'd love mine two times two billion and two
dog hearts are so open
and he'd trust in me too
I wish this dog could have a do-over
dog lives are shorter.


legal copyright for this poem/work
and also for this author Melissa A Howells
and also for this legally copyrighted site title
Meloo Straight From Her Tilt-a-World

I entered this poem and it didn't take the first time around
so I did my best to try to recall what I wrote...not sure I
succeeded. Probably will come back and rewrite portions of it.
Re-edited April 14th 2018/ 3:54PM PST
I actuallly saw this actual scenario/even downtown today. I was livid.
I wanted to take the black lab home with me. This is so wrong.
Dogs are not meant to run behind a bike..ever. How stupid and
thoughtless and, when it really comes down to it...cruel and abusive.

February 28 2018 4:59pm PST
edited for clarity and spelling 4/7/2018 2:14pm PST

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