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Inner spirit of love and wisdom, fill all hearts
with light and peace, bring them through the
mist of understanding and knowledge of a...
journey strong with effort determination,
and patience’s.

Bring forth mother natures beauty to be seen
by heart and soul, where the depth of life is
light, connected to the universe of mystery

Raise your arms toward the sky where warmth
flows deep within us from birth, into death
when we all become spirits of light.

Learn what makes love surrounds us without
our own knowledge of it, find the truth that
will clam the restless heart, rejoice and swim
among the waters of tranquility.

Listen to your inner voice, it will flow through you
helping you climb the mountain of hard knocks
and tears, it won't be hard if you have the
faith to believe.

Inner spirit of love and peace carve your message
in the heavens for the world to see and touch the
face of God.

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)

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Inner Spirit



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