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To much time these days to reminisce!
Yet I can't forget our first kiss!
Our first dinner together, on that
Winter day, after all these years
The memory stays.

Our youngest will have his first baby today
Odd how time so quickly slips away.
He will be honored with your name.
Long after this world is gone you
the name will carry on.
All the ingredients that love are built

You're the"Apple of my eye"
You're my hope in despair
My oxygen in my air! God has truly blessed
This pair.

When darkness fills the night I hold your
Warmth tight.
There are many moments that only silence
Speaks, a gentle caress, a gleam from your
Yes, a heavenly sky laced with stars,
Those are the moments that soothe the
Heart, but a new life can embrace the soul
When it starts, darkness and sorrow parts.

This day all began with that first kiss
A moment of connection we couldn't miss.
I thank you, and the good Lord for this!
Our lives were sealed our dreams of such
Moments of bliss.
(New life begins, a child is born together
We witness his light)

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New Life, A child is Born