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March is Dolphins Awareness Month
Are we aware of the tragedy these
mammals face each year?
The poems I write will be based on
Statistical truth and portrayed by
A person whose name has been changed!
A Dolphin Family Tears Begins!

Many years have passed and the Old Sailor
Jackie tells the tails of a family of Dolphins
That swam by his ship as it sails.
A crowd gathered near the shore
Where the waves pound, a sunny day, in the
Cove where the dolphins play!

"Listen carefully, for what you are about to hear
Is about a family united and fair, they roamed
The sea with a loving energy, they were happy and free!
Their Families home was the beautiful blue, 
Mediterranean sea." Jackie looked at the people's
Faces, and saw excitement as he traces.

Each year straight, that adds up to eight, the family 
Would swim by his ship, he always seemed welcome
On his trip.  They seem to enjoy when they heard this
Old Captain would call out;"Ahoy there" with a happy
Welcome they lost no time, surfing the waves of brine!

One Day on the sail a distant foghorn wailed.....
A ship that carried a Whale was nearing my
Ship!  The cries of the Dolphins filled the air
As the other ship draws near......
( to be continued in  A Dolphins Family Tears part 2 )

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A Dolphins Family Tears 1/Captain Jackies Friends