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For Jim and Angie

        For Jim and Angie
To worlds so different so far apart
Green meadows of Ireland's heart
The Sun drenched lands of Italy  
A man of the Caesars A woman of Eire
How do you mix Mulligan's stew?
With tomato sauce and pasta ragu
Aged Irish whiskey and vintage wine
A Gaelic accent and language of Rome intertwined
Take a beautiful fine Irish Lass
A Italian gentleman with class
They bring together friendship and love
Small steps that fit them like a glove
Steps that lead to the alter at church
Ending their long tired search
Pleading their love for all to know
Living and loving in life's grand rainbow

                                                Edwin J. Smith
                                        Jack The Old Cowboy Poet
                                                  Feb 28th 2018

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For Jim and Angie

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