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Seems Old Man Winter regain strength.
He hooped and hollered and went the length!
He let the residents believe, that he was
On leave.
He's so crafty and clever,
can't underestimate him, ever.

70 degrees this week but this crafty Old
Bird will get the final word! Knee deep
In snow that's the way his vengeance goes!
One week of warm weather is better than none
It useless to argue with the weather, winter has
Already Won!

Well I can't walk in the daisies today
Old Man winter has much to say!
No snowmen this time, just a word
Or two in rhyme.
Nice day to curl with some tea and sit
By the fire, and read to comfort my
Hearts Desire.

One more time maybe more the white coat
Of winter will make this show!
So It is what it is and nothing more
Just a burp in the weather, 
"Where are your manners
Say excuse me  and

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Can`t Underestimate Winter