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Final Goal

In a place of peace and prayer
My spirit drifts with solemn
The night invades my dreams in
Starlight beams it is a glow that
Softly streams.

There is a line that's here and there
That stands for priceless loving
A home for searching souls, drifting
In God's pure clean air.
Only witness
the moment from afar and catch a glimpse
Of a fallen star.

Awaken to a newborn day, and cast your
Pain far away. To dance among the rays
In the place where Angels play, will
Free the flesh of deepest scars, and
Shine the warmth of the loving morning

Watch for shine and radiant light it
Is the spark that grew from the night!
Stillness can free the plight and bring
Peace of precious sight. Then we need no
Day or night, we become a part of Eternal

The voice of love speaks to the soul, when
We reach and welcome a final goal!!!

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Final Goal