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Loneliness is a child of time, slow growing and almost invisible to the naked eye, but look deeper and its roots may already be vigorous and waiting to strike. Loneliness has no smell, needs very little watering and when it comes to nutrition it draws its energy from the air and from the clock

Loneliness is a creeper whose habit it is to cling and what it clings to it hurts. It is a parasite but more than that its foliage brings a darkness to life no less dispossessed than that of the grave. 'Why me?' A sufferer may ask. 'What have I done to cause so many people to withdraw from my company?' But withdraw they have and were you to ask them why they too would be mightily pressured to furnish a sensible reply, save for the matter of ageism perhaps. Loneliness is a hard thorn whose seeds are sown at birth and buried like acorns waiting to germinate and germinate they ultimately will

Life is good and cheerfully moving along when suddenly society's door slams shut in your face. Loneliness has arrived and with it isolation. You are no longer part of the party, no longer to be included or thought of as a worthy invitee. Loneliness has bloomed and in that blooming a new view of the world. A view from a room in which to sit and wait for a knock at the door that may never come. Loneliness one might say is in flower

Few people it seems recognise loneliness for what it is. Even family members may miss the vital signs. A lack of companionship, assuming all is well when far from it all is not well and overlooking entirely how even a short visit might weaken at least one link in a chain as strong as any across the ghostly shoulders of Scrooge's partner Jacob Marley. For that is how debilitating loneliness is, a burden that can so easily be relieved with a little love and a little precious company

©Joseph G Dawson
04/03/2018 – 12/11/2016


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