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A Dolphins Family Tears 3/ Brother Orca is Home

Days of the Dolphins were long and warm
Their brother Orca was gaining strength.
He swam the length.
Free from the ship and sailors hold
Brother Orca has regained his natural
Spirit his last ounce of bold.

Now the family of dolphins part from their
Whale of a brother, his child awaits in the
The Arctic ahead his friends and family no longer
Back to the warmer waters, they swim away knowing
Their brother will see another day.
Time and nature returns the mighty Orca to his family
and pod, his home was the sea.
Born to the waters of God's Creation, he returns
To dry the tears of the Orca Dolphin Nation.
Life remains pure and free in the richness of his domain,
home at last through his sorrow and pain, as his family
Gathers, his welcome remains, respect of his elders, he
Rightfully gains.....

(More of this story through March Dolphin awareness month
Orcas are the largest of the family of Dolphins, and the
World's top predator of power.)
(Facts and information: Britannica Encyclopedia)

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A Dolphins Family Tears 3/ Brother Orca is Home