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Little Billy was out in his cardboard castle
Playing Kings and Queens of old! He was the
Knight in tin foil armor. His trusted horse
Was his mother's old broom, his bravery was
True, a heart of a lion, everyone knew!

His brother was the opposing King, the victory
song was the song he'd often sing! Right or wrong
He sang along, he was usually off key, but he was
Happy and content as can be!

One day the sky grew black, a rainstorm was certain
To attack, so he covered his cardboard castle with
A canvas tarp, then ran for the house, his Lion's heart
Reverted to the heart of a mouse!
He seen these storms many times, the damage they do was
Such a crime. So if his castle could not be saved he'd
Buy more cardboard at the five and dime.

Thunder shook the sky then lightning struck nearby. So
He hurried away, to play another day. He watched from
Inside, his home hoping the rain would cease, about
That time the rain poured like a damn had released!
Down came the tarp and his castle, and the old oak tree
He had made inside in the nick of time, relieved
That he was fine, was a blessing in its self, he sighed
With relief, and watched the storm in disbelief.

The sun came back towards the end of the day, to muddy
For him to play, so he was just happy to walk away.
He learned a valuable lesson that day, to know when
To walk or run away. To be apart of stormy weather,
Was not going to happen, when lightning and thunder
Was on their way! To lose his life would not happen
That day!!! 

He witnessed the dangers inside through the front
So he will remember, how to find a safe place to 
Hide, he took the rest in his stride!
He recalls that decision with pride!!!

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Billy Made the Right Choice