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Gather your troubles and woes
Toss them aside, let's take a
Magic carpet ride.
Turn that frown upside down, well
Take our fishing gear and meet at
The lake, I'll be waiting at daybreak.

This lake is still my friend, It was my
The ice rink in the winter time, it surface
Let off a shine, like my shiny mercury dime.
I have no squabbles or woes I hope you
Find a place where the sun will warm our face.

When our poles are in the water so still, you're
Usually, the one to catch the Bluegill.
So I'll wait till the sun starts to pass, and run 
My line with that big mouth Bass.
Can't let him get away so we can fish all
Day, grab your pail and move your tail,
Our day awaits, down the old fishing 

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Old Fishing Trail