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Stolen LIVES

Intruding bandits made their entrance,
Taking what stood in their way,
Their Greed was forcibly uncontrollable
and vain, they took and inflicted ruin
With pain.
Her impulse was to escape perhaps she could
Survive, she just wanted to stay alive!

The path of Bear Claw River
spins and twines in the Northern Pines.
Her eyes fixed on the stallions hoofs
Kicking up the path of Rock mountain,
She nears the mosaic fountain.

Dust and wind was in a spin, no comfort
Soothed her turmoil within. Lost to her
Sorrow's wail, her flesh becomes cold and
Pale her countenance image so frail.
If only she could regain her strength
She could ease her mournful pain, but
She was viewed as someone insane.
Her credibility slain. 

Nothing more to lose the unbeaten path is
There to choose, from this point on she removes
Her shoes. Bare feet in the sand she makes her
Final stand, her fading heart suddenly stops!
Her lifeless body drops.

A woman of means slips from the scene, her slate
Washed clean, leaving behind a life empty and mean! 
On this night her bruised and tattered spirit takes
Flight beyond the heavens light...
She is free, she is home, her spirit no longer drifts,
Her essence lifts!

The battle lost, from the bandit's point of view!
Are they wrong?  Maybe so, but it is time for her
To go that was the part that remains that in her
Loss she reaped the gains, and the end of worldly

Justice did not prevail, a tragedy leaves many hearts
If only this could stop before it starts, the young girl
Might still be here, breathing the fresh mountain air!
So young to leave this world she loved so much, to
Be taken by a bunch of thieves, justice of heaven 
Will come around and bring an end to their evil deeds,
It will pass and bring peace to their victim's souls.
And stop those bandits from their selfish goals.
They steal a young woman's life, with their
Old rusted knife...

Listen well to the bell that tolls, her last moments 
Were harsh and sad, but angels stand by her side
And place their hands in hers to guide.
The evil that men do will come to an end, her shattered
Spirit will slowly mend. The Good Lord will have his say
When he turns their souls towards the flaming pit to
Stay!  Three-fold will come their way!
The lives they stole, their mortal souls will pay!

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Stolen LIVES