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Safe And Kind

In a land rich in natural resource and beauty
Lived a family humble and loving.
They could not stand without offering a helping
Their riches was a spiritual kind.
They all had a masterful mind.

Close to the desert sands, they lived happily
and complete, they were victorious in peace.
Their home was warm and spotlessly clean.
It's interior had a special sheen.
Father, Mother, daughter an son, their service
To one another was loving and fair, they thrived
With faith and exceptional care.

One day a horde of bandits sacked the town brought
The homes to the ground, ashes, and embers lay all around.
The good family ran to the desert sands and found a way
To make a stand.
The Bandits dropped one by one until they were gone, they
Disappeared into the dunes like dust they drifted away,
They fought their last battle that day.

The Family returned to the town. Rebuilt cared for the
wounded and dead, their wisdom was shared as they lead.
Now United and rebuilt, the justice scales no longer at
A wall was built all around, to ensure this town would
Not easily go down.
Now they live with a peaceful mind, where love stays
Safe and kind.

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Safe And Kind