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Your ship has just come in

I count the sails of galleons abroad on heaven's seas,

They sail between the planets plying fantasy and dreams,

I may not always see them when clouds obscure my view,

But I know that they are always there - how else do

Dreams come true?


Great golden ships of prospect such as Eros, Dawn, Divine,

Their cargo sweet as honey, bales of love and sugar time,

They'll be overhead by midnight their captains heaving to,

With all hands to the capstan dropping anchor near to you.


Watch out tonight for wonders square-rigged across the skies,

Vast holds for lover's plunder, three decks for lover's sighs,

The mizzen mast made ready, the lateen sail is trimmed,

He'll be waiting on the foredeck, your ship has just come in.

© Joseph G Dawson