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Did I hear you say," No more sorrow
No more pain?"
Did I see you board that lonesome train?
The night is winding on from that mountain
Top, be ready to board when your train stops!

Memories filter in as the journey unfolds
Faces of the crowds with their stories
Untold. Do they see the tracks winding
Or the city light ahead, It is a loneliness
Better off left unsaid.

Approaching the valley soon lit by the hunters
Moon, its glow is tantalizing and hold a tint
Of gloom!
I feel the motion pushing forward to its end
I hear the message that Angels softly sends.

"I will meet you at the station when the journey
Meets its fold, and tell of Wise Men who walk
The streets of gold."
Sitting by the window watching the train decline
Now the engines fully halt.
I exit from the train see the light of purity
And Pillars of Seacoast salt.

Velvet robes of stardust embrace an Angel fair
Golden ringlets that caress her wings the scent
Of Jasmine fills the air.
She reaches for my hand, she tells me to have no fear
That Heaven's gates are near.
All is fading in our flight on that moonlit night!
When the whispers of her wings bring us to Heavens

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Wings to Havens Light