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Twilight Guards

When there is nowhere to hide your tears.
When you buckle under from the weight of years.
Cast out your troubles and fears.

There is a place in my backyard that fills
My spirit with tranquility, a place were
Nature caresses the soul in dreams of Heaven's 
That softly glow.

In ruby sunrise, the forest comes alive and ember
Twilight the creatures of the night, drift in their
Gentle flight. Can you walk with me and hold the
Peace of woodland life, release the boil of turmoil
And strife.

If there is another place, leave this place for me
There is no greater beauty my eyes can see
My backyard is natures soft creation, it is a place
Were my dreams climb in gentle warm elation.

In sunrise, Ruby light and dawns ember last glow
The land of midnight's priceless hour intrigues the
Beams of Lunar flowers. 
A stream of star-kissed sighs adorn the night filled
Skies, and bring its splendor to our eyes.

Let playful night come alive, and watch the art of
Fireflies, a time and place apart, that brings the
Healing to broken hearts.
Come take me by my hand and view the night that 
Greets our stand.
It all began in my backyard revealing the life that
Twilight guards.

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Twilight Guards