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Flawless Beauty

She sleeps in the soil of life's renewing touch
Holding the power of stillness in her hands.
Once life brought power to her, " All of Alls."
Now power is in the absence of her calls.

No tears, no counting years, no longer needless
She is the silent lady of Love's Labor's Lost.
She is the daughter of Mother Earth, displaying
Her worldly worth. 

Apart of serenity, a glimmer within her space, 
She sleeps in her Mother's arms with quality 
and grace...

When there is a calm before the storm you will
See her.
When there are the peaceful waters of the Sea you
Will feel her.

She lives in the poet's heart. She lives within 
The Angel's whispering flutter of their wings.
Be kind to her, for the flower she holds, is the spirit,
Fully in bloom...

Her name is, " Flawless Beauty"
Nature's finest compliment to life.
She is many nameless wonders...
Her heart beats like the sound of

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