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 When I have Made my Call

Morning knows no stranger 
the sun will warm us all.
When I was a wee child I feared
That it would fall.

Time and knowledge changed that.
That thought it was a world I 
Built a home in a place my hopes
Did sought.
White picket fence rose gardens
and daisies these hands never
New the word lazy.

It was a healing light that shone
High above, it sent its rays of love
And warmed my cold hands like a 
Quality leather glove.
When sunshine soothed my chill, It fed
My hope and determined will.
Now years speaks of comfort and places
Soft and still a rightful thrill.
Yet, I  hold its warmth and try to get my
Quota fill.

A path of cobblestones leading to my front
Door.  I take a look and see so much more.
The smiles of children reaching out, and 
How they quickly turned about.
I see my, sons, playing ball and brush them 
Off if they should fall. 
Now time reveals them strong and tall.

It is a subtle view my eyes drinks in, and 
Brings my heart a loving grin.
So my days flow like water in a place the
Mind recalls; now my sons are the ones
Who picked me up  if I 
Should fall.

The sun and Sons, has given warmth
When I have made my call...

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When I have Made my Call