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OH Angels II

OH Lord

My dear Collin

"Oh Jerusalem "

Blow the trumpet in Zoin

The little children

"OH Angels"

Come out!

Oh His desire!

Oh dear friend

His tears

Injustices of despair

The angels are standing by

On that cross

A little Bird

Oh i run

Jesus said..,.,.

The last trumpet

Over the mountain

Tears from Heaven

Blue Rose

OH Mighty Maker

Jesus light!

Oh dear Jesus you walked on the sea


THE Angels wall!

Gathering of His People

As a child

This Christmas time

Oh dear Lord!

The beast

OH this Christmas time

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In Justices of despair
The child so innocent and scared

In shame and gulit we wear
This is too much to bare

Memories come and go
Oh how many so?

The statistics is this 1 in three girls and one in 7 boys
Were we just a toy?

Led to silence to suffer the pain
Where is justice once again?

How many to despair
In the world the gulity one does not care

He can get away of this world of his crime
Oh pedophile you should do time

In prison they deserve
The judges the truth they should observe

Try to forget the past and forgive
Because no child in this should live

For me only Jesus Christ could take away the sting of abuse, my child hood i spent 6 years of sexual and physical abuse. My loving foster mum was a great strength through those years.  So my father figure was a bad one so when i looked to God i thought He had a stick on me. But now i look to Jesus for everything. I since learnt His gentle,loving mighty power. 

edited 21/5/2021


By Michelle Lee Bevan

Copyright 13/3/2018

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