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Awake from a ---DREAM
that so Real and True it Seemed

It was. A --- DREAM, ---and a Wish Come true
it was a Beautiful--- DREAM,--- and wish Come True TOO

Still the ---DREAM, ---is so very Fresh and very  Real, in my HEART and Mind
this ---DREAM---, for me just Moments ago,was  one of the most BLESSED, ---DREAMS,---I have ever had, that so Vividly, in Exact Wonderful BLESSED, Details that --ever--, I did Find

So I will fall asleep again
with the --------HOPE-------- to that ---DREAM---, I could Return again, and feel that -----------WONDERFUL ---LOVING--- SPECIAL---, FEELING------------which even if only only only in ---DREAM, ---was a very touching --------H--O--P--E--F--U--L--------, DREAM-----and--I--Know--GODSEND

Maybe GOD is telling ME
to just hang in there, and to stay --------, FAITHFUL, PRAYERFUL, HOPEFUL ---HAPPY---and--- FREE

Maybe GOD is telling me
that he knows my every prayer wish desire and --------DREAM, --------and one day in his Time--all, Wonderful, Things will be--GOD--SENDINGLY--Meant to be for me--and--Beautiful, story book ending , happily ever after --------GOD -----BLESSINGLY-----BE-------H-A-P-P-I-E-S--and--FREE

13th of MARCH---2-0-1-8

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Awake from a Beautuful DREAM