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Ship of Antiquity 

Each grain of sand accumulated.
The soul of ancient cessation
Looks upon creation within the
Eyes of summation.
What lays within is sifting
The silence of hesitation.

Once loved, bringer of life,
Bringer of death, elemental
Force reaps the course.
Desert dust of latent wounds
The archaic message of heighten
Text looms within the sands of doom;
Ancient Ruler's Tombs.

Beyond the thirsty waters of the Nile,
Solar ships drift  nautical
miles masters of the river's path
Echoes lasting aftermath.
Ship Khufu, rest now by Giza's
Watchful eye,  in the keep
Where Pharaohs Sleep.

(The most famous Solar ship of Ancient Egyptian 
History, " The Khufu" preserved in The Giza Solar Boat
Museum beside The Great Pyramid at Giza! )

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Ship of Antiquity